Jaden Smith stars in Louis Vuitton's latest campaign for Spring / Summer 2016. The other is Jaden Smith (son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith to Gen X-ers; Insta-generation icon to the Gen-Z set) wearing a pleated skirt and posing along side female models photographed by Bruce Weber. Yes, a boy in women's clothes in a womenswear campaign. Gender-free clothing and championing individuality were two of fashion's big themes in 2015. What's surprising, perhaps, is that it's Louis Vuitton we're talking about. LV is not an indie label pushing the limits of fashion like Vetements it's the flagship brand of LVMH. it's competitors tend to play it safer in the campaign arena, aiming straight for the elegant and moneyed middle of the road. 

The campaign itself was blasted all over instagram targeting gen 'y' and 'z' who are more gender fluid with their fashion choices. I think Louis Vuitton as a brand (since hiring a new creative director) is trying to change the image of Louis Vuitton even though it's a classic french brand. They want to try and target a newer and cooler audience which would make a new type of customer want to shop at Louis Vuitton. 

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