This weeks style inspiration goes to the biggest style icons of our time, the Olsen twins (Mary-Kate and Ashley). For years now both Olsen twins have given us many different styles from boho, rock and roll, new york cool and parisian chic. Both of their styles have constantly evolved and have only gotten better over the years and for me, their style has influenced my own and the way I think about fashion. They made 'oversized' cool with oversized knits, sweaters and t-shirts, which is now how I personally dress every single day, the bigger the better. There is at least one style that every woman/man can take inspiration from the Olsen twins that can be incorporated into your wardrobe, for fall/winter buy an oversized sweater that'll be your staple piece for the colder months and definitely invest in a good pair of leggings in different textures that will give your look some interest. In terms of footwear you can basically wear anything from a heel to a flat, or even a sports shoe and a boot depending on what your specific style is and what you like. Another reason why I love them is that with their label 'The Row' they focus on good quality materials which I believe is essential if you want your garments to last a life time. Even if it costs a little bit more to buy, it is worth it in the long run, so when looking for your staple pieces for the season definitely consider the material strength and go to stores that have garments made from long lasting material. Invest in a good bag, an Olsen twin always has a bag, in any shape/colour/size/texture because we all need somewhere to put our things in. Lastly hair and make-up, their make up seems to always be fresh and dewy, nothing to heavy or dramatic and with the hair it is usually down and almost beachy (invest in sea salt spray to get beachy styled hair) or bed hair style which anyone can achieve. With these tips you can definitely achieve your inner Olsen twin! 


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