For the past eight days, I have been in the gold coast for a family vacation. We have been going to the gold coast for about four years now, and I never get tired of going there. The weather is perfect, just the right amount of sunlight and it is much more lively throughout the day and even the night time. I stayed at the Chevron towers which was a beautiful place, with three towers and the pool looked like a tropical beach, although I did not go swimming in there. I also visited my favourite clothing store cubic collective and I ended up buying one thing which was a light grey buttoned up shirt without sleeves, which is perfect for summer time. One of the girls there, who knew me from last year told me about an amazing place called black coffee lyrics, just a few stores down. It is the most amazing place. It is all vintage with mis matched furniture and interesting artwork displayed throughout the place and they have the most amazing coffees and hot chocolates (which I got almost every day because I was addicted). The Gold Coast is the perfect place to relax for a family vacation, especially if you are into the worlds and roller coasters. Hopefully next year, I will be going again or going somewhere else instead. 

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