NEW YORK, December 7, 2011
By Nicole Phelps
The seventies are Rachel Zoe's decade. She's practically synonymous with flaring pants and caftans. But it's the sixties she's thinking about for pre-fall; it was the era's mod minidresses and Jackie Kennedy-style ensemble dressing (the rose gold brocade coat matches the sleeveless top matches the cropped pants) that gave this collection its newness.
Outerwear is a growth business for the label, and at the moment Zoe is particularly into a neat and trim red peacoat. "I was obsessed with finding the perfect shade of red," she said at her Broadway showroom. "As a blonde, you have to make sure it's right." Cameron Diaz, her platinum-haired star client, will no doubt thank her for her efforts. Come to think of it, auburn Anne Hathaway might like it, too.

The ideal shade of red isn't Zoe's only obsession. Fabrics count for a lot here. The faux fur feels just about as real as faux can. And the black and white crocodile-print silk jersey has a swishy feel. Zoe girls concerned that she completely left the seventies behind needn't worry. That faux fur trims a very vintage-looking fitted leather jacket, and she cut the croc-print jersey into an era-accurate backless halter gown.

my review: I am a big fan of Rachel Zoe and I love all of her collections to date and of course "I die" over her pre-fall 2012 collection. There are still hints of spring/summer with a few floral prints. You can always see 60s and 70s influence throughout her entire collections for every season. This collection is very tailored with navy, scarlet red and black blazers. Of course it wouldn't be a fall collection without some faux fur which looks stunning on the sleeve and collar of the caramel brown leather motorcycle jacket. I love all of the party dresses in this collection and I can definitely see the long scarlet dress on a client for an award season such as Cameron Diaz, Anne Hathaway, Debra Messing (the list could go on). I would rate the collection a 9/10 because there is a variety of pieces to fill up any woman's wardrobe, with a ve
ry tailored 60s mod appeal. 


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